• The Maas building is not only a place for events, but it is a place where artists regularly work and a family lives as well. We specifically support and encourage cultural programming. We are not a regular "venue" and do not intend to be. We have some noise, capacity and usage restrictions, and we may not be the proper place for your event.

• A deposit of ½ the total invoice is due to reserve your dates.

• Any and all deliveries must be arranged and in advance. We are not always available to meet your delivery.
• Any booking changes for events need to be made at least 1 week (and preferably longer) before your reserved date. Deposits are non-refundable if you change or cancel your date.
• You are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up the night of your event unless prior arrangements are made. All trash and recyclables must be bagged up and left in the front hallway at the time you leave.

• All events will be done by 1AM and cleaned up and out by 2AM unless prior arrangements are made.

• You will be required to leave a cleaning/damage deposit of $150, which will be returned in full upon positive inspection of the space after your event. (best is a check that we will tear up if all's well)

• You will follow specific closing down protocol to be reviewed in person before your event begins with Maas representative.

• Maas is not responsible for any items left in the space.




I understand that by checking the "I agree" box on the form, that I am agreeing to abide by all of the above stated policies. I also take full responsibility for my own safe, responsible conduct while using the Maas space. I will not hold the Maas Building, it's staff or owners liable in any way for any bodily injury that I or any of my guests incur on the premises.