Tues, Sept 24th 6pm Tech Trunk Show: How Technology Drives Fashion by Ben Riesman

Join Tech In Motion for an evening at the intersection of technology and fashion, with a side of cocktails and Google Glass! In the midst of Philadelphia Fashion Week, the Tech Trunk Show is bringing to center stage three local experts of the IT behind the retail curtain. Sip on a craft cocktail from our featured liquor sponsor, Art in the Age, while networking with some of the best tech minds in the greater Philadelphia area during a garden cocktail reception. Later, hear from some of the local experts that are innovating Google Glass applications, mobile shopping and cloud-based fulfillment systems in ways that may soon change the way even fashionistas shop. Stick around, and maybe you’ll get the chance to chat them up about it.

We're excited to offer all guests who are new to Uber a complimentary ride up to $20 for the Tech Trunk Show. Sign up and ride in style with promo code: “TECHTRUNKSHOW”. (Shhh, but you can also snag a gift card at the event in our Tech Trunk Show grab bags.)

A big thank you to our event sponsors for helping make the Tech Trunk Show happen: Jobspring PartnersWorkbridge AssociatesUberArt in the Age and Shawnee Craft Brewing.

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Rental Space by Ben Riesman

With no takers on the upstairs Maas Space as an office (obviously all the architects and design firms in Philly were busy smoking crack) we start renting the space out for shows, rehearsals, and parties.  An unforeseen turn of events in our plans, but honestly, it has turned out to be not such a bad Plan B (although I believe it has taken us over a year to fully wrap our heads around the concept of a cleaning deposit.)

Maas Building Opens by Ben Riesman

October, 2010: New Paradise Laboratories Theatre Company moves it's office and headquarters to Maas. They are the first to sign with us, taking the smaller of the two downstairs studios. Subcircle would soon follow and take the larger of the downstairs studios. The way things have worked out, we feel genuinely blessed to have had such great luck with this group of neighbors and tenants.

A Brief History of Time by Ben Riesman

The building, with leaks in the roof and all, was in use as an architectural salvage / flea market business. This is what the inside looked like. We overlapped with the salvage business for 6 months because of a bad idea at the real estate signing. Essentially, we lived in a junkyard for the better part of a year. Cue Sanford & Sons theme...

Our front yard (now home of The 5th Side)

Naive Bastards by Ben Riesman

Ben and Catherine, circa May, 2008 having just bought the wreck that was once the Charles Maas Brewery.  At this point in time, this captures two of the most naive, idealistic and soon-to-be-schooled bastards that have ever picked up trash in North Philly.

Had we known how much work it would be, how much money it would cost us, how much blood, sweat and tears would be shed, Would we have done it?  Hell no.

Would we do it again?

Hell yes.  As it turns out, the combination of naive idealism, bravery and hard work does pay off. You rise to the occasion. The truth is, the building found us, and turned us into the people that could take care of it.