Film Screening: Roxie / by Ben R

The Philadelphia premiere of the independent film "Roxie" 

ROXIE is the story of two 60-year-old marriage and family therapists going down the rabbit hole of recklessness, seduction and sex. Friends and colleagues for longer than they care to remember, Dave is forever enticing Joel into risky adventures. With Joel’s second marriage failing and Dave perpetually forgetting his own marriage, they take off for a Marriage and Family Therapists conference in San Francisco where Dave convinces Joel that they should hire escorts. It is here that their lives start to unravel. Joel falls in love with the escort Roxie, who has been around a little too long and seen a little too much, while Dave frantically tries to get someone to actually care about him. In ROXIE you will see secrets uncovered, notions of love confronted and friendship tested in ways never imagined.